Memory Event Information

by bibi

👗Hello gorgeous players!
🕶️We are happy to announce a new type of event called a Memory event.
👛It’s coming very soon in the game so get ready!

How to play:
Each game starts with a board with an even amount of cards, that have paired images. Find all the pairs to complete the game.
If you open two cards that have the same image they’re collected, but if you open two with different images they close back up before your next try.

You’ll have a number of free tries for each game, then if you need more you can use emeralds to finish.

You’ll have a free game every 60 minutes, but if you’re impatient you can use diamonds to skip the wait.

Every completed game gives you ribbons or another type of reward.

Ribbons are your progress in the Memory game event and once you have enough for each reward, it will be automatically claimed.

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